PCG Gardeners:

How is everyone!  I hope you all have dirty hands, mine have been way to clean.  As many of you know I was absent most of the spring due to obligations at my job.  I am excited to say that I am working civilized hours again and I am happy to be strolling around our garden.

The garden has become an amazing place.  It is so green…everyone’s bed looks so good, the new orchard to the south has grown up and is ready for high school, the community bed, once a white elephant, is now an oasis, feeding those in need.  Our community garden has become a Community.  I want to Thank all of our members for creating such a beautiful space.

I also want to pass on some garden updates:

  • Unfortunately, we had cold weather when much of the orchard was in bloom and the cold weather has cripled our orchard production.  There is very little fruit this season, it is the game we play.  There is one bright spot in the orchard, the fig tree is finally producing fruit, the figs are not quite ready yet, but they will be worth the wait.

  • Sour grapes….not in our garden.  The grapes are ready to pick, they look small but pack a punch.  Search the fence and Box 7A

  • We would like to improve the composting initiative and are asking members to stop  putting green waste into the dumpster.  Venessa from Box 60 has been collecting greens and sorting them inside the concrete barriers.  Green items that we would typically not compost like tomato plants, we will begin to collect east of the community bed.  Look for more info to come.

  • I believe for the first time in the garden’s present location, all 82 beds are rented with a membership of 46 gardeners.  Not that many years ago, that seemed impossible.  We have a community garden that is thriving. Our continued success will be achieved by being friendly to each other and a good neighbor.  The garden does have rules so as you plan your gardens, think about the box next to you.  Seeds, shade and spreading, vining plants do affect those around you.

  • Please try and stop by the garden at least once a week and check up on your bed.  It is the heat of the summer so pull weeds, adjust water and pick your veggies. Enjoy your hard work.  If you are going to be away on a summer vacation, let me or Judy know and we will watch your bed and donate your veggies.

Happy Gardening!

Todd Toresdahl

PCG President