We will be painting the water pipes at the Garden this Wednesday morning (May 26th). If you have a white pvc pipe that is visible that attaches to your water faucet we plan on painting it a light blue. This will help to protect the pipe. If for some reason you don’t want the faucet in your plot painted at this time let me know. We will be careful not to damage any plants.
Also there is a asparagus plot that you are welcome to cut some asparagus shoots when they are about 5 inches, but please cut the shoots under the ground and just take a few. Please don’t pop off the heads. We also have a strawberry bed that you can pick a few strawberries from, but again just take a few and leave some for your fellow gardeners.
Remember our insect control class Saturday, June 5th at the Garden at 10 am.
Judy Tobler, Secretary