This really cute sign was made just for you! We know you want this in your bed! This is a contest for the “Best Garden Bed of the Month”. The Master Gardeners will pick the winner for the month during the first week of each month. An incentive for having the “Best Garden Bed of the Month” is that you won’t have to pay the $10 maintenance fee for the month that you are the winner. One rule though is that you may not win two months in a row, which gives others a chance to win. You will be judged on condition of your plants, weeds (lack thereof), proper plant selection, harvesting, overall neatness and creativity, etc. We will notify all the gardeners by email by the end of the first week who the winner is for the month. We will also let the treasurer know who the winner is so you will get a credit toward your next fee. Good luck! Hopefully you will see this cute sign in your amazing garden bed soon!


This could be yours for the month!