Garden Beds are Waiting for You

The holiday season has come to an end which means it’s time to start thinking about our gardens for the spring cool season. Joining a community garden is an easy way to try your hand at gardening. The beds are already built, filled with great soil and have individual irrigation hookups. It’s also a great way to learn from your neighbors.  Even if you’ve passed the novice gardening stage long ago, joining a community garden is an quick way to expand your growing space.  It’s also very rewarding to guide others as they embark on their gardening journey.

The Provident Community Garden has 4’x8′ raised beds ready for planting.   We are located at 6001 W Oakey, behind the Mountain View Church.  There is a one time fee of $75.  Water and maintenance is $10/mo paid quarterly.  Please contact Nedra Hoogland at with any questions or to join our community of gardeners.

Here are some highlights from our fall cool season…

Non-vining varieties of peas are easy to grow without a trellis.


Beautiful head of broccoli is ready to pick!


Romaine lettuce




Beautiful purple cabbage

Happy Gardening!


2 thoughts on “Garden Beds are Waiting for You”

  1. Am interested in obtaining a box in this community garden. Went by this summer and the garden had closed due to the heat.
    Please contact me.

    1. Hello Irene, Thank you for your interest in our garden. The garden is open from sunrise to sunset everyday although we don’t a person on staff in the garden. Please contact Nedra (her email is in the post above). You can also check out our About page linked at the top of the blog. Thanks!

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