April in the Garden

How did your gardens hold up to this week’s crazy winds?  It was a nail biter!  We normally see a lot of wind this time of year but we set some records on Thursday.  Luckily, there’s still time to replant if anything was damaged.

Becoming a Desert Gardener is a wonderful guide for what to plant when that is based on our climate in Las Vegas.  Asparagus, celery, bulb onions and radishes are considered cool season veggies for our area but there’s still time to plant them in early April.

This is prime planting time for warm season veggies.  For our area, this includes beans, melons, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, orka and sweet potatoes.  Squash can also be planted now but you’ll greatly reduce squash bugs by waiting until Father’s Day.

Speaking of bugs…they are loving our warmer weather!  It’s really important to be on the look out for them and address them quickly before they get out of hand.  This is especially important in a community garden where they can spread quickly.  There are many ways to address bugs using organic practices.  I’ve seen tons of ladybugs in my garden bed and elsewhere at the community garden.  They really help with aphids.  Check out these publication from University of Nevada Cooperative Extension for more information.

Aphids and Their Management in Home Gardens

Spider Mite Management in Home Gardens

Squash Bug Control in Home Gardens


Ladybug larva

Don’t panic if you see lots of these bugs around the garden.  They are ladybug larva.  These are good guys that you’ll want to keep around.

You can contact the Master Gardeners at 702-257-5555 weekdays from 9-3 with any gardening questions.

Happy spring gardening!



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